Improv Quilting For All! with Nicholas Ball

Episode 1 April 28, 2023 00:39:28
Improv Quilting For All! with Nicholas Ball
The Modern Domestique Podcast
Improv Quilting For All! with Nicholas Ball

Apr 28 2023 | 00:39:28


Show Notes

Today’s interview is with Nicholas Ball. As you’ll hear in the interview, we have been friends for many years. But the reason for today’s interview with him is to talk about his quilts! Nicholas, known on social media as Quilts From The Attic, is specifically an improv quilter. His first book, Inspiring Improv: Explore Creative Piecing with Curves, Strips, Slabs and More was released 4 years ago, and in a couple of months his newest book, Use and Ornament: The History and Future of Improv Quilting will be released! In the interview Nicholas talks about how he found improv and why it can be quicker than traditional quilting, and gives tips on how to quilt at home with your standard home sewing machine.

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